Welcome to the golden jubilee celebrations of the School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (SPER)!

Founded in 1972 as Hamdard College of Pharmacy by Hakeem Abdul Hameed, a visionary far ahead of his time, and later as Faculty of Pharmacy, SPER has a long history of providing quality pharmacy education and opportunities for students to succeed. Over the past 50 years, we have seen countless graduates and postgraduates go on to achieve great things, and we are proud to have played a role in their success.

The Founder

Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed

Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed: Late Janab Hakeem Abdul Hameed, a renowned physician, was the Founder-Chancellor of Jamia Hamdard, which he established with his own resources. A great philanthropist, thinker and visionary, he set up several institutions with the funds of Hamdard Wakf Laboratories. Some of the esteemed institutions established by him include Hamdard National Foundation, Hamdard Education Society, Hamdard Study Circle, Hamdard Public School, Hamdard Institute of Historical Research, Ghalib Academy, Centre for South Asian Studies and Business & Employment Bureau.


Janab Hammad Ahmed

I am very glad to know that the College of Pharmacy established in 1972 by Late Hakeem Abdul Hameed Saheb, founder Chancellor of Jamia Hamdard and former Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, is going to celebrate its Gold Jubilee on 18th January, 2023. I saw it personally to grow it from its very inception to the level of the 50th Year of this institution. The journey of the Pharmacy School is a glorious one as it created a mark in its field. The example it showed by winning the Number One institution rank as per the NIRF Survey conducted by the Ministry of Education for the last four consecutive years. The Pharmacy School brought a name for Jamia Hamdard and I feel that Pharmacy School always stands toll in the campus and it attracts best students across India being the number one institution.

I hope that the Pharmacy School will maintain the standards it set during all these years for another 50 years and at the time of the Centenary Celebrations, it will further take it to another level.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Prof. (Dr) M. Afshar Alam, Vice Chancellor, all the Faculty Members and especially the present Dean of the School, Prof. (Dr.) Vidhu Aeri, and all the dynamic persons who had headed the institution all these years.

I wish the Golden Jubilee Celebrations all the success.


Prof. (DR.) M. Afshar Alam

It is my great privilege as the Vice Chancellor to be the part of the Golden Jubilee celebration of the School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (earlier College of Pharmacy).

The Pharmacy School has travelled a long distance and made a mark in itself in the Pharmacy Sector by starting a Diploma Course in 1972 and gradually added B.Pharm, M.Pharm in various disciplines and PhD in Pharmacy.

Since the time of NIRF Rankings, Jamia Hamdard has embossed a mark in the Ranking by achieving Number One in five occasions and also figured in the remaining rankings at No. 3 and No.2 positions. But, the last four years, the School of Pharmacy retained in numero uno position. The Pharmacy School has become a lifeline of Jamia Hamdard as it figured in the overall development of this institution of higher education. The Government of India has recognised all the Departments of the School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research by granting them DST FIST Grants and many of the Faculties have received many extramural research grants and other grants from the Government for further development of research.

Jamia Hamdard has produced thousands of Pharmacists across India and abroad and hundreds of our Alumni are holding very important positions in the Pharmacy Sector. The graduates of the Pharmacy School has taken the health sector of the country to the highest level.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Prof. (Dr.) Vidhu Aeri, Dean, SPER and her entire faculty members for organsing the Golden Jubilee Year as the best feather in the cap of Jamia Hamdard.

I wish the Gold Jubilee celebrations of the School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research all the success.


Founder-Principal, Hamdard College of Pharmacy 1972-1989, Dean, SPER 1989-1991

Casting a glance over the years that have gone by, I cannot forget the day when our visionary founder Late Janab Hakim Abdul Hameed Saheb, a father like figure to me, asked me to take the reins and start Hamdard College of Pharmacy. I dropped my plans of immigrating to the United States to take up this exciting challenge and opportunity in 1972, at the age of 36 years.

I was lucky to gather and lead a team who shared the dream of building a great institution and labored hard in the following years to set up a strong foundation of the erstwhile legacy Hamdard College of Pharmacy, now under its new name “School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research”, achieving a position of eminence that is unrivalled and is recognized as the best pharmacy institution in the country.

Since its founding in 1972, our institution became highly recognized for its all-round education and supplying the health care industry with skilledprofessionals, who became our ambassadors and reflected our values strongly. I feel proud to be part of this great institution because we have a passionate faculty, staff and students who are dedicated to improving the health of our communities. Our faculty has touched lives of millions through five decades across the five continents and excelled professionally be it in education & research; healthcare industry; entrepreneurship; administration and advisory services. I am confident that we will continue to play a significant role in the advancement of healthcare and its innovationsfor many decades to come.

Although I am unable to celebrate together in person, it is my hope that everyone affiliated with the institution will take time to reflect and take pride in all the incredible accomplishments of the past five decades. Thank you to the alumni, students, faculty and staff, both past and present, for your hard work to make this institution a leader in pharmacy education and research.

I pray for Almighty God’s blessing on the management and the staff during the coming years. May the Golden Jubilee occasion bring incremental fame, happiness, health and success to all the people associated with this great institution. I would like to congratulate Dean Dr. Vidhu Aeri on this occasion and take the opportunity to congratulate her on becoming the first woman dean of our great institution.

From the Dean’s Desk

50 Years of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Education and Research

Dear Alumni and Friends,
The 'Hamdard College of Pharmacy' welcomed way back in 1972, Diploma and B Pharm first batch, followed by Master’s and Doctoral Programs in eight specializations. I am delighted today, we are celebrating the 50 th anniversary of this important milestone in our School’s illustrious past.

The first batch of students began this journey of ours as a standalone College with baby steps, we gradually matured as a Faculty and at present we are a fully grownup School of Pharmaceutical Education and Research in most spheres of the discipline.

This journey has rewarded us today with more than 11,000 Alumni who are making an impact in Pharmaceutical and Education Sector.

We have celebrated our growth and transformation with school-wide events for students and faculty throughout 2022, and will be culminating with mega event on 18 January, 2023.

The part of tangible transformation has been taking place with massive renovation of our School building, generously funded by the Hamdard National Foundation under the leadership of our Management and Honorable Vice Chancellor.

We have incorporated many of our schools signature events, held annually into our Golden Jubilee celebrations by branding with our 50th anniversary logo. All the events can be accessed on the Webpage, specially created for SPER GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS.

I look forward to commemorate 50 years of excellence with you on this momentous day and meeting many of you face-to-face for the first time to share the joy of SPER's journey.


Prof. (Dr.) Vidhu Aeri
Dean and Professor



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Placement at SPER

I am thankful to my department for giving me the opportunity to work in ZS Associate. The atmosphere here is amazing.
Ahmed Ali Salim
Kudos to the placement team of SPER. I am a proud alumnus to get a package of 7.5 LPA. This what makes SPER No. 1 in the NIRF Rankings.
Athulya Udayan
I did my postgraduation from JH. The department is always been supporting as a result, I got placed in a prominent pharmaceutical company.
Praveen Gupta
The Department and faculty members have been very supportive in career building activities. I'm a proud alumnus of SPER, JH.
Shashank Rai.